Number Lookup

Increase your level of real engagement with customers and maximise your messaging ROI with our accuracy number validation capabilities

How does Number Lookup benefit your business?

  • Reduces Messaging Costs

    Improve ROI on your messaging costs by identifying landline numbers and numbers with incorrect formatting. This ensures you don’t spend budget on failed SMS submissions

  • Increases Speed

    Use our number portability solution to make sure time-critical messages like those used for 2-factor authentication (2-FA) get through fast

  • Cleans Databases

    Lookups identify unused and inactive mobile numbers which can easily be removed. Without regular data cleansing, the integrity of your customer contact details can decay rapidly

  • Delivers Personalized Experiences

    Increase loyalty by building profiles to enable more personalized communication. Tailoring content that meets each of your clients’ expectations provides real value for them

Mitto provides Mobile Intelligence solutions

Optimize your mobile communications and enhance your data integrity


    Our scalable technology and extensive number lookup supply options allow rapid and efficient management of all requests


    We can provide complete number verification logic, thanks to our direct MNO relationships and global connectivity network


    We help you mitigate the risks your client database becoming inaccurate, due to lack of continuous oversight