SMS Messaging

Drive your conversion rates and loyalty globally using Mitto’s A2P SMS.
With 98% of SMS delivered being read, no other mobile channel delivers such high engagement levels as SMS

How does A2P SMS benefit your business?

  • It’s Everywhere

    Two-thirds of the global population own a mobile phone, which makes SMS the largest communication channel with no need for WiFi or mobile broadband access

  • Improves Customer Engagement

    Let your customers engage with you by letting them reply with 2-way SMS. This will make your business become more a part of your customers lives

  • Open Sesame

    SMS actually gets read. Open rates are over 400% higher than those for other channels. Ensure your content really gets the attention it deserves

  • Cost Efficient

    SMS is more affordable and more effective compared to other marketing options. Missed appointments, deliveries and fraud incidents can no longer waste your money!

  • Increases Engagement

    With an average click through rate of web links within SMS being almost 500% higher when compared with email, this can really make the difference

  • Time Saver

    Being a trusted, global delivery channel for over 25 years, A2P SMS is something that has been perfected to deliver your content instantly

  • Streamline Business Processes

    With the benefits of automation at your fingertips you can, for example, set up booking and appointment reminders which customers can respond to quickly and easily

  • Gain Valuable Feedback

    2-way SMS makes responding to feedback requests quick and simple, making customers much more likely to respond compared to other channels

Connect and Go

with Mitto’s robust and reliable platform, all underpinned by top level support


    We put a lot of effort in ensuring our complete delivery network is reliable and can manage any volume of messages you need


    With so many operators globally and a multitude of routes available, continual testing is a ‘must have’ for any content deliverer


    Our proprietary dynamic routing solution ensures your messaging traffic is routed globally in the most efficient way for any content delivery


    We do everything to ensure that any channel you use for customer interactions is clean of spam and any potential threats and risks

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